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Our best wishes for both of these talented artists.

Enosh Perera

THe Campus Song info by Enosh Perera

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Avishka Jithmal

Sandugen Dilena song info

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Posted November, 1st 2014

Here is a new recording - A Sunil Edirisinghe song

Vocals by - Shantha Senadheera

Song Title - Supipuna Sugandha

Lyrics by - Not known

Music by - Not known - A song in his "New Rhythm" (නව රිද්ම) CD

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Lyrics of Supipuna Sugandha Yuth Soda Pushpa, a Sunil Edirisinghe song

Let me welcome you to my site by greeting "Ayubowan". This is a traditional Sri Lankan way of greeting someone. "Ayu" meaning ayusha or in English as your lifespan  and "bowan" meaning more, translate to English as "may you live longer". Usually while you say Ayubowan you take your palms together at chest level.

Being said that I Welcome you to my site where you can listen to my attempts on karaoke Sinhala songs. I also intent to bring various articles related to Sri Lankan Sinhala music, Sri Lankan culture and education.!

I am glad we have come across this way. You don't know me or haven't heard me. Sinhala songs and the Sri Lankan music has been a passion of mine since I remember. However, I haven't been fortunate to learn music properly in my younger years. With the burning desire, now I am attempting to sing some songs, in two languages Hindi songs (official language of India) and Sinhala sons (official language of Sri Lanka).

I was born (in Ramboda, a beautiful upcountry city) and raised in Sri Lanka (prosperous land - may not be realistic). At the moment I live in USA. Though, I am far away from my mother land, I always remember and cherish the culture, history, smiling faces and beauty that I grew up in. Watching a video, singing Sinhala songs, listening to Sinhala songs, participate in cultural activities here, would make my memory run back thousands of miles to my mother land.

Few things I ask you to do until you come back to this site next time

If you haven't listened to the Sinhala songs karaoke & Hindi karaoke songs online yet, please listen

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I have many things in my mind to add later besides Sinhala songs karaoke & Hindi karaoke songs, I am being the engineer of this site, it takes sometime, with thousand things I wanted to accomplish in near future, it's so impractical, yet, I am so glad that I could record few Sinhala songs and share it with you. One thing I want to bring you is Sinhala songs lyrics. There are few volumes in this sites you can access by going to Sinhala song lyrics page.

Last but not least, perhaps the most important reason why I opened this site is to create an awareness to the severe world hunger, in some parts of the world and therefore, please do not waste food. Also please if you are a Sri Lankan living in abroad please join with me helping Empower A Village. Feed a child and support their education, it does not take much. See how simple it is. Visit the website. Be happy with whatever little you have, may peace prevail on earth, among communities, among nations, among races, religions, may peace and happiness prevail with you too!!!

Now that is a wishful thinking. Because as long as we think, the things around us are MINE and have the possessive nature we can only have an unrealistic wish.

Cherio, Tata or let me say Ayubowan once again! live healthy.

Shantha Senadheera

Little history of world karaoke and Sinhala song karaoke

Karaoke song originated in Japan, in early 70's and created by a singer Daisuke Inove. He was asked by many of his guests to provide a music track for his songs, in order for them to sing along for his music. Soon Inoue made a coin operated tape recorder, which plays his songs for 100 yen. This was the first karaoke song machine. 

The word karaoke came from two Japanese words. The word karaoke can be separated into two words. "Kara", shorten word for "karano", meaning empty and then the second "oke", meaning orchestra. Translate into English as "empty orchestra". 

Early karaoke song machines, like one of Inoue obviously used cassette tapes, but today with the technological advancement, the karaoke tapes are replaced by CDs, VCDs, Laser discs and lately with DVDs.

Started in Japan, karaoke was soon spread to rest of the Asia and then to USA in 90's. Then the karaoke was spread further to Canada and other western countries.

Torana Music Box, in Sri Lanka is the pioneer in Sinhala song karaoke and was founded by Mr. Sarath Kothalawala in the year 1972. Today there are many Sinhala song karaoke creaters in Sri Lanka. I am very greatful to them for providing quality VCD and DVD Sinhala song karaoke tracks, taking us to a height that no one dreamed of several years back. 

Hindi karaoke and I

There are so many interactive radio stations which plays Sinhala songs in Sri Lanka today. If you think about history of broadcasting in Sri Lanka it goes back to 1923. The service was provided by Radio Ceylon, the oldest broadcasting service in Asia. In 1967 it became a public corporation and named as Ceylon Broadcasting Corporation. When Ceylon became a republic nation in 1972, Ceylon became Sri Lanka, so as the broadcasting service to Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC).

I remember Hindi song broadcast through SLBC twice a day everyday with Sinhala translations. Mid day broadcast was usually not accessible due to schooling but the night broadcast was something I was looking forward to. Mohammed Rafi, Kishore Kumar, Mukesh, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle were some of the legends I grew up listening to. Of those, Mohd Rafi became my favorite. His singing style, melodious voice, versatility caught up my attention since early child hood. Ever since, he became my favorite Hindi play back singer. Naushad, Laxmikant Pyarelal, Shankar Jaikishan, A. R. Rehmaan, Kalyanji Anandji, S. D. Burman’s rich music compositions found it’s way to Sinhala cinema and reverberated the silver screen. Many of popular old Sinhala songs revolved around these music compositions and even today they stands ever green melodies in Hindi or even the recreated with Sinhala lyrics. I was just hooked on.

Hindi karaoke or for that matter even Sinhala songs karaokes was not easily accessible to general public in Sri Lanka. CD technology and internet in 70s and 80s were not even in our dreams. Even today CD/DVD players, internet are things that are not affordable to majority in Sri Lanka. When it came to technology, only available recording device was a cassette player in those days. That was exactly what I did in my first attempt in recording. Still remember my first recording in my pre-teen years with no music at all. No one heard this recorded piece, except for one person. That was one of my friends’ dad. He encouraged me saying “son, you should learn music” but the formal education and my studies took priority over music and never learned a music note in my life but desire to learn still lingers.

What a difference it made over the past decade or so. Now Hindi karaoke is abundant, though it is available, obtaining high quality Hindi karaoke could be a challenge. Same true with Sinhala songs karaoke. Now internet is fairly accessible easy access to Hindi karaoke and Sinhala songs karaoke music tracks are a dream come true for any singer regardless of what stage of singing you are in and when you attempt to sing along with a good quality tracks, you virtually feel that you are surrounded by a full live orchestra. It does not matter whether you are alone, in front of a microphone or in front of an audience, just sing, it will sure to relax you. I will end this note by saying “may your life be a melodious one”.